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Market Better in 2018

So what can you do to market better in 2018?

1. Reconnect with the mission and vision of the organization. Too many people are connected to the numbers and not the heartbeat of the company. In order to market better you need to reconnect to your mission. When you do that, review all of your marketing pieces and content and see where you need to improve your messaging and visuals.

2. Find out how you are telling your story as an organization. Not selling your product or service but telling your story. Storytelling matters- it matters to your customers and potential customers but it matters more to the people within the organization and those who are not yet part of your team. People are watching and listening more than you think and if you aren’t telling your story someone else is.

3. Talk to your team members and staff and ask them what they love about what they do, listen and take notes and come up with marketing campaigns around the culture of your company and the passion people they have within the organization.

4. Go to your social channels and listen to your customers, learn what they love about your company and tell stories around those things. Also listen to what they don’t like and work with your team to make improvements in those areas.

5. THINK BIG this year, if you want to take your company higher and further your marketing needs to be there before you are. Write out some of the things that you would like to do without regard for budget. Money follows vision. What is your vision and are the marketing campaigns and artwork that will support it?

6. Take a look at your marketing team- do you have the right team members with the right skill sets on your team? Do you need to hire, let go, or outsource? Personnel decisions are always tough to make but the marketing world has dramatically changed, you need the right people or team on the bus with you to take you where you want to go as an organization!

For those of you who would like to learn more about us we offer 2 workshops– Sandwiches and Strategy which is every other month where we focus specifically on marketing strategy and our monthly Digital Storytelling Workshops in Allentown and in Easton. You can also reach out via e-mail to, we would love to work with you this year and help you increase your visibility and profitability.

Now that your inspired and hungry, it's time to have a feast!