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The spark of friction between art and business ignites a creativity that is both dynamic and reliable. It's in that space where our team flourishes, producing exceptional work at high levels of imagination and efficiency. Our work style is a blend of individual mastery and inspired team collaboration.

Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder

Digital Feast - Phil

Phil is the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Digital Feast. He combines business strategy and creative vision to assist in the growth of our clients and our team. Phil is active in the community and serves on various boards including the Allentown Symphony Association, Allentown Arts Commission, Good Shepherd Marketing Advisory Board, and the LCTI Advisory Board. He also enjoys spending time with and mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs and creatives. At work he air drums frequently and references “The Office” routinely. He is happily married and has 3 beautiful children.

He plays the drums, has 5 chickens and met his wife when he was 8 years old.

Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder

Digital Feast - Ken

Ken is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Digital Feast. He keeps us in line and runs the financials. He’s a techie who loves big screen TV’s and has been to Disney more than you. He has 3 kids and is married to his best friend Nancy. Ken works with Phil to determine a budget that reflects the time required to complete a project.

He was an armament mechanic working on Cobra Attack Helicopters in the US Army and PA Army National Guard for 8 years.

Accounts Receivable Rep & HR

Digital Feast - Patience

Patience lives for everything summer and sunshine. She creates long lasting client relations by sprinkling magic, happy glitter and even smiling while on the phone. Don’t believe Phil when he refers to her as “Lord Business” as she commands our receivables into order.

Patience begins each project by sending out a shiny new proposal and works throughout a project to ensure all payments are communicated and received prior to close.

One of her favorite games is Dutch Blitz (and she is very fast).

Project Manager

Digital Feast - Emily

Emily’s background in sports brings a competitive drive paired with a poised mindset that our creative team needs to succeed on each project. She gets pumped for the day by blasting her favorite hip hop jams on her morning commute. When she isn’t in the office, you can find her on the field hockey field scoring goals and taking names.

Emily will be your main point of contact to ensure your project runs seamlessly from start to finish. She keeps the team on track in the office and makes sure we are always winning at the end of the day.

She climbed an active volcano in Bali Indonesia.

Director Of Photography

Digital Feast - Jed

As Director of Photography Jed makes sure we capture the best shots and that our productions are the highest quality. He works in all facets of the production including lighting, audio and video. Jed loves playing and listening to music and is constantly whistling his latest musical obsessions. He loves to travel and enjoys the outdoors.

He likes to travel to a new country every year for his birthday.


Digital Feast - Elizabeth

Elizabeth brings her experience as a visual storyteller to her roles at Digital Feast. When she’s not behind the camera or editing chair she enjoys wire crafting, wood-burning, and calligraphy. She also enjoys dinosaurs, rock climbing, and the first spoon of peanut butter from the jar. She travels to Bulgaria every year to volunteer and create videos for a youth camp.

She began animating at the age of 8 and continues to develop her skills. In addition to being an editing magician, she shoots film and creates custom video animations.

She doesn’t use an alarm clock in the morning, she just wakes up!


Digital Feast - Adam

Adam is obsessed with all things film. When he’s not capturing gorgeous images, he’s working his way through “must-watch” film lists, collecting DVDs, and petting his cats (named after film characters.) His prior work featured unique subjects such as sentient furniture, dancers with sleep disorders and pro-wrestlers.

Adam brings a strong creative perspective and a collaborative spirit to every frame he captures. Whether on a shoot or in the office editing, Adam guarantees that little extra something to make your video shine.

He has 1278 DVDs and counting, and used to write for a nerd culture blog.

Marketing Producer & Videographer

Digital Feast - Lauren M

Lauren tells Digital Feast’s story through creative filmmaking. She enjoys sharing meals with family, making friends everywhere she goes, and dancing in the rain. Her laughter is contagious. She has seven different laughs.

As our internal marketing wiz, Lauren showcases our work through social media campaigns and our weekly newsletter “Tuesday’s Treats.” Lauren blends creativity, marketing and videography to spotlight our talent as a company.

She performed in the musical, Footloose, at Disney World.

Lead Designer

Digital Feast - Caitlin

Caitlin is the Lead Designer at Digital Feast. She is a type ace, serious cat enthusiast & branding champion. Caitlin is a structure savant that works best when her desk is cleaned and her closet is organized by color. When she isn’t dropping poignant 90’s pop culture references, she can be found carving up ramps in her fuchsia roller skates.

Caitlin is especially organized and uses that to create clean designs to showcase each brand she is developing.

When Caitlin met Olaf in Disney World, she cried.

Interactive Designer

Digital Feast - Ruben

Ruben is the Interactive Designer at Digital Feast. When he’s is not designing visually appealing and functional web projects, he loves to spend time with his three children and wife. He likes camping, playing guitar and keyboard (he’s self-taught), and reading about medicine.

Ruben is responsible for creating engaging web interfaces across multiple platforms. Equally as impressive as his skillset is his ability to edit in Photoshop at unrivaled speeds.

He studied Shaolin Kung Fu from ages 13 to 16.

Producer & Writer

Digital Feast - Jaime

Jaime spends her days crafting authentic narratives for our clients. Outside the office she loves exploring bookstores, adventuring to small towns, and leading workshops on body positivity. One of her greatest accomplishments was cooking dinner for Joan Jett.

Adding value, connection, and relatability by sharing stories has been the foundation of her work as writer, blogger, and former host and producer of Emmy-nominated vegan cooking show, Save the Kales!. Jaime is an enthusiastic communicator who consciously incorporates an inclusive perspective into all projects.

She’s often asked by strangers if her hair is a wig (it’s not).

Marketing & Production Assistant

Digital Feast - Lauren W

Lauren is the Marketing & Production Assistant at Digital Feast. She loves spending time with family, friends, and her dog, Daisy. She loves to sing, work on DIY projects, and is a self-proclaimed mermaid enthusiast. When Lauren isn’t in the office she’s at the beach, taking photos for Instagram, or watching Netflix.

Lauren executes social media campaigns. She loves using social media as a marketing tool that makes a direct connection to an audience.

She danced in a parade around the entire park at magic kingdom.

We're more than just a place to work.

Whether it's laughing over lunch at a favorite downtown restaurant, rollerskating after hours, or planning the perfect individualized birthday celebration, we always have a great time in and out of the office.

We value collaboration. Making time for fun and inspirational experiences keeps our team connected.

Our Values

- Nurture Creativity - Listen First - Uphold Integrity - No Egos - Strive for Excellence -

Community - Digital Feast

Helping Our Community

At Digital Feast we are passionate about doing our part to strengthen our community. We recognize the need for the next generation of artists and future business leaders to learn and connect to professional mentors. Our office routinely welcomes student guests from Allentown high school and middle schools where they meet our team, tour our studio, and learn about our process.

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