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Video is how people are consuming content at a constantly increasing rate. We execute every aspect of the process from concept through post-production. Our finished product will connect to your audience on an emotional level through visual storytelling. From social content, to TV ads, company profiles, storytelling and animation - we do it all.


A community or city is not just made up of buildings and roads it is a living organism defined by its people and places. At Digital Feast we work closely with communities and cities to capture who they really are and reach the desired audiences with powerful stories that are meaningful and purposeful.


We understand how important your event is. It can build culture, wow your clients and potential customers, help increase sales and grow your business. Our approach to events is capturing the emotion of the event. We produce highlight reels that can be re purposed to use as an invitational if it is an annual event, we can also use the footage as b-roll for other company promotional vehicles. We can also capture the entire event- audio/video/photography.


TV remains a powerful platform to advertise your product or service. We work closely with you to determine your audience, define your messaging and deliver the right creative pieces to get attention and results from your investment. We assist with everything from production to media buys.


Your service or product solves a problem. Animation is a great way to creatively introduce the problem, and tell the story of how your product or service solves it. Animation makes a “boring” topic relatable and fun! We work closely with our clients to write a script, storyboard, create the animation, add music and hire a voiceover artist to deliver a great product that will reach your desired audience.


Consistently developing content and utilizing the platforms to publish that content are crucial to growth of your company. At Digital Feast, our passion is to merge powerful creative work with business strategy. When we produce a company profile video, we resourcefully use additional footage and content that can reach more audiences and maximize the return on your investment.


In this Digital Age, your product marketing should not just “sell” — it should also “tell” a great story. We work closely with our clients to find the best way to tell the story of your product while increasing your bottom line. We produce fun tutorial and educational product videos that keep your customer informed and engaged.


At Digital Feast, we believe thought leadership podcasting is a great way to tell your story by reaching and growing new audiences and markets. It assists with recruiting and onboarding, improves internal communications, and ultimately establishes you or your brand as a thought leader in your industry. We offer our clients the complete package from concept to delivery.


Storytelling is a powerful way to recruit new talent, retain employees, shift morale and ultimately help grow your organization. Publishing video content is just as important as producing it. That is where VERSE comes in. VERSE is a dynamic storytelling platform that gives a user the opportunity to engage in multiple video productions within one interactive timeline. We believe this is the future of digital storytelling and interactive media. If we haven’t introduced you to VERSE, let us know and we will show you how it works. View our sample to the right.


Aerial video and photography is being used by businesses and organizations at an accelerated rate. Not only does it provide viewers a unique perspective and tell new stories, it can increase sales and potentially lower costs. Our highly trained team is FAA licensed, registered and insured, with hundreds of flights recorded. We fly DJI Phantom drones with the latest technology to ensure flight safety and the best visual experiences.

“Best in Show”

Many of the videos we produce go viral, these are just a few that caught fire!

Allentown: Transformation

This video tells the story of the transformation of Allentown. This was a special project for us as we worked with a group of William Allen High Students who wrote the script for the project and we filmed and edited the video. The video has been viewed over 380,000 times across web and social media.

Bethlehem: The Christmas City

This video was produced over a span of 5 weeks in the beautiful City of Bethlehem, PA. Thousands upon thousands flock to the city each year to experience the magic of the season. The video has been viewed over 330,000 times on Facebook.

Cognitoys: Dino

This video was produced for Elemental Path a tech company based in NYC who created an internet connected smart toy. They had a kickstarter goal of $75,000 and they ended up raising $275,000. The product successfully went to market and is in stores across the country. We also won a Gold Addy award for the production.

If you want to share a meaningful story that immediately resonates with viewers, get in touch.