Elemental Path

Elemental Path – creators of Cognitoys, IBM Watson powered Internet-connected smart toys that learn and grow with a child. The company was founded by owners of Majestyk, a NYC based agency who were winners of the IBM Watson Mobile Developers Challenge.


Campaign’s Goal

Create digital assets for KickStarter and various media campaigns. Kickstarter goal was $50,000 campaign reached $275,000.

Target Demographic

30-45 year old adults with children


Kickstarter Video

We came up with the concept, produced, filmed, edited and delivered the final product within 2 weeks.

Video Shorts

Series of creative “shorts” for social media – came up with concepts and produced, edited, delivered content.

‘Best of’ videos

“Best of” video “shorts” for on location presentations, web and social campaigns

Total of 12 videos


A few of the films we produced:


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