About Us

Digital Feast, Inc is a digital marketing and branding agency located in the heart of Allentown. We help companies grow through the fusion of art and business. Our team develops and implements strategies with our clients to locate, attract, incubate and deliver potential customers. We are a full service agency with a talented team of creatives who produce websites, videos, digital ads, photography, logos and designs. Our team also creates and manages social media accounts and HTML e-mail campaigns. Everything we do at Digital Feast is aimed at increasing visibility and profitability for the companies and organizations we represent.  At Digital Feast, community is important to us, we are highly engaged in working with the Allentown School District and other outreaches in the area.

The Team

Phil Osborne

Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer

Phil is the Co-Founder and Creative Director at Digital Feast. He air drums frequently and references “The Office” routinely. He is happily married and has 3 beautiful kids. As CCO Phil plays an integral part in the creative direction of our projects and makes sure our team and final product are in line with the client’s vision.

Phil is active in the community by serving on the Allentown Symphony Association Board, Marketing Advisory Board for Good Shepherd Rehabilitation, and the Arts Commission for the City of Allentown.

Ken Unangst

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer

As COO, Ken keeps us in line and runs the financials. He’s a techie who loves big screen TV’s and has been to Disney more than you. He has 3 kids and is married to his best friend Nancy. Ken works closely with Phil to determine budgets and timelines for our team and clients.

Rose Hayes

Project Manager

Rose has been project managing or what her siblings prefer to call “bossing us around” since childhood and doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon. She’s a New Yorker by birth but the northern-basically-Canadian kind you find in Rochester. When she’s not making to-do lists or drinking a hot caffeinated drink, she’s busy writing and being a perfectionist.

Patience Osborne

Accounts Receivable Representative, Human Resources

Patience lives for everything summer and sunshine. She creates long lasting client relations by sprinkling magic, happy glitter and even smiling while on the phone. Don’t believe Phil when he refers to her as “Lord Business” as she commands our receivables into order.

Micah Huber

Lead Editor and Animator

Micah shoots, edits and animates. Micah is a (adjective) person. He likes (noun), and loves to (verb) in his free-time. When he’s not (verb)ing, you can find him at (noun) with his (noun) named (proper noun). He also didn’t know what to write here so he made a madlib for you to enjoy.

Ryan Spence

Lead Cinematographer

Ryan has been making movies since he was a little tyke. With a fine taste for science fiction, superheroes and the 1980’s, he contributes most of time making sure the shot is right, flying our quadcopter and chopping together many of our delectable productions. Fun fact: all his film knowledge is contained within his beard.

Jedidiah Harley

Lead Photographer

Jed has the most fun out of the group. He takes the best photos too! Jed loves playing music and is constantly whistling his latest musical obsessions. When he isn’t serenading the office, he is spending time with his awesome family or enjoying the outdoors with friends.

Lauren Miller

Marketing Producer

Lauren focuses on creatively telling Digital Feast’s story through filmmaking. She enjoys getting fat with family and friends, dancing in the rain, and of course, laughing. She has seven different laughs. Yes, there’s a cackle. It helps her edit and shoot faster.

Michelle Rosado

Senior Designer

Michelle is the Senior Designer at Digital Feast, but that definitely doesn’t mean she’s old. Her collection of vintage toys make her kids tell her to grow up. She isn’t afraid to take on whatever you put on her plate, even if it’s salted jellyfish. In fact, she encourages it. Her superpowers are kerning street signs with her mind and uncontrollable twitching at the sight of poorly designed websites and junk mail.

Caitlin Schultheis

Graphic Designer

Caitlin is the Graphic Designer at Digital Feast. She is a type ace, serious cat enthusiast and branding champion. Caitlin is a structure savant that works best when her desk is cleaned and her closet is organized by color. When she isn’t dropping poignant 90’s pop culture references, she can be found carving up ramps in her fuchsia roller skates. Caitlin is especially organized and uses that to create clean designs to showcase each brand she is developing.


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